One of our club members had an enclosed race car trailer stolen from in front of his home in the residential vicinity near the Costo Store in Visalia, California.  The theft appears to have occurred sometime between Saturday night July 26 and the early morning of Sunday July 27.


The trailer is a 22 foot tandem axle fully enclosed white unit with a drop down ramp door in the rear.  It also has a second entry door located on the forward right side.  Here are two pictures of a similar trailer for a visual reference of what it looks like, however these are not pictures of the actual trailer that was stolen.  

The license plate number on the trailer is 4DL8568, VIN #4ZBHE21654R005725.  Special markings are Black Chevy Skull with Chevrolet Racing under it decal on the back door centered.  Upper left corner of rear door a white fish skeleton. Front two Stainless Steal covers had dents in lower part of the stainless.  Drivers side wheel well polished and the passenger side wheel well not polished.  Rear passenger side lower aluminum molding two screws broken off and molding twisted

Anyone seeing this trailer please contact Steve Willman at 760-285-5690 or by email

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